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What Happens If Your Most Dependable Piece of Equipment You Own Goes South? What Would You Do?

Let’s think about the most important piece of equipment we all own. A washer and dryer? Furnace / AC? Electric toothbrush? Nope. Nothing compares to how dependent we have become to have a reliable automobile to get us to and from work, and take out kiddos to sports practices and after school events.

What would we do if something happened to our cars or trucks and they would be unable to work properly? We’d be us a creek. So there has to be someone at the ready to help when the beast in not functioning. That person is none other than Alan Heriford of Johnson County Automotive.

Alan introduced us to his crew of technicians, some relatively new and others with years of experience behind them. His success has always had so much to do with his employees. If they are honest, dedicated, and care about what they do, it shows in the end result of satisfying their clients. The best thing is how Alan allows them to make mistakes, but rather than yelling at them, uses it as a learning experience. “We’ll fix it and learn.” Alan says.

Even with his fresh crew, Alan decided he needed a family vacation, so he bought a 40’ RV camper, did a few needed repairs, packed their bags, and headed out west to see the great USA. His family got to hike and bike while he got some well needed R & R. Another family memory for the Heriford fam.

Alan explained basically what they do every day (for 15 years) – we fix cars! They actually work on most models, and also fix other stuff that needs fixing besides cars too. After that long, he’s decided not to work on some toughies.

He gets business being referred from other businesses. Some cars are easily diagnosed, while others act up almost every week. Those are harder to drive and figure the source of the problem.

The best advice he offered us all was to make sure to change your oil exactly when it is needed. Oil is the blood in your vehicle, and if done properly, will last you hundreds of thousands of miles. (Try to change every 3000 miles on regular oil, and every 5000 miles on synthetic). It’s the best thing to keep it running.

And they use only premium parts – if you do it once, do it right! Alan certainly takes pride in what he does. He never refuses to help out a customer when they have auto or truck issues. He has driven a flatbed to Omaha to bring back a stranded client, and can’t count when someone is stranded locally, he will drop what he’s doing to get them off a busy highway.

And he gets all his strength and commitment from his father, but especially his grandfather was a remarkable technician. Alan Says “It’s in my blood.” It’s what makes him tick.

You will never find a more honest and trustworthy auto technician as you will find in Alan Heriford. So if you have a car or truck and it’s time for scheduled maintenance, or it’s not running well, take it Alan and his crew to help make it all better.

Thank YOU Alan for your expertise, your forthright honesty, your dedication to your craft, your dedication to your family and friends, and to your unmatched sense of humor that keeps us all smiling, laughing, and making us all try to emulate what you do on a daily basis. You’re a good man Alan Heriford.