Featured Prospector

Jewelry is like the “Perfect Spice” – It Complements What’s Already There.

If there is one thing we must all agree on – it is that Mother Nature is a magnificent and beautiful thing. We can see it happening outside our windows right now. As the temperatures drop, she is revealing her colors of red, yellow, and orange as the leaves change to colors of fall.

But just like humans, there is so much more than what you see on the surface. Our home we call Earth has been churning out beauty for millions of years. From precious metals to stones that sparkle, they range from crystal clear to all colors of the rainbow.

As long as man has been on this planet, he has used Earth’s resources to determine his wealth, as an exchange of money, and used her stones to celebrate life’s most important moments.

It is so perfect to find someone that knows so much about these rare and precious gems and metals that can convey this information to the masses. I am so fortunate to have learned the lore and knowledge which fascinates all of us. I am Alan Goodheart of Goodheart’s Fine Jewelry Co.

Along with my brother, Bruce, we have owned a jewelry store in Johnson County since 1986, and our parents had a store in Sedalia, MO (our birthplace). They opened it there in 1951.

Today my brother nears the end of several years of studying courses of the Gemological Institute of America in order to obtain his Graduate Gemologist degree, an equivalent to an MD, JD, PhD, or CPA degree. An accomplishment that will be invaluable to his future. Congratulations are forthcoming.

I truly love what I do for a profession, and can’t wait to get out of bed and see what new adventure awaits me each day. It is never the same and certainly never a dull moment when the doors open each day.

People assume they know what I do but there is more than meets the eye. Yes, I sell jewelry – for birthday and anniversary gifts, recognizing accomplishments in business and in life, for engagements and weddings. Then there are both women and men who are very successful and want to reward themselves for a job well done. What a great way to pat yourself on the back.

People also have mishaps that occur and need their jewelry fixed. I do that too. From repairing broken chains, bent prongs on rings, or other rings that “shrink” over the years that need to be made larger. Or maybe someone has a bead or pearl necklace that needs restringing – yes, I do that too!

Have you ever lost a diamond or colored stone? I have worked with every major insurance company to get your item fixed to new condition or get you a monetary settlement for the loss. I make the unfortunate process into a manageable and pleasant one.

What has become such a huge part of my second life outside work has been my passion of the mystery and lore of the world of magic. There is something so gratifying about bringing a smile to an audience’s face, or baffling them to the point of frustration. I talked about what an illusion was – something that you see happening, but in your mind you know that it can’t be real. Yet you continue to believe. And I demonstrated that by taking three lengths of rope – a short, medium, and long rope, and using my magical powers, made them all the same length – right in front of your eyes. Yes, it is indeed magical!

There are so many things I could continue to tell you about, but what I truly wish to leave you with is this. Our industry to this day struggles with the ability to have a client develop trust and a belief in what their jeweler tells them is the truth. And getting your clients in any business to get to that point is tough. I have made it my passion to always be honest and forthright with any job we’ve done. People bring in jewelry that is on its second generation, and question why it cost $350 to replace prongs and tighten stones. They don’t understand that Grandpa wore his ring probably 24/7 working on a farm, building houses and furniture, and they think gold is indestructible. Well, it’s not! But I can make it better. I can bring it back to life and make it wearable again. That is what I love!

So let me show you what we can do. Give me a chance and you won’t be disapponted. Promise.

Thank you for the privilege of being a Prospector for over 32 years and here’s to many more future years together.